I am a Microsoft Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVP, a member of the NUnit core team, and a model railroad enthusiast.

My main focus is best described as Software Craftsmanship, with the aspects that come from that. I do DevOps (aka ALM, and was awarded Microsoft MVP back in 2009 for work in that area, and have been re-awarded now for 11 years.). I am very much into Scrum/Agile/Lean processes, but really love to go all the way down to pure coding. The truth is in the code!

I am also an Open Source enthusiast, and believe that companies and individuals can benefit a lot – not only from using open source, which they already do more than they realize but also from contributing to open source. The effect of contributing to open source work can not be understated, it changes your culture in a very positive way, and you get a much broader global engagement than sticking to keeping your code closed. Invite me in to talk about it!

My possible areas of engagement can be divided into four parts:

Coding and Design

I am a strong believer in good coding practices, beautiful code, minimalistic coding, pragmatism, strongly typed code, and overall shift-left thinking to everything that relates to coding. The language of use doesn’t really matter, but for myself, I am mostly using C#, dabbles with Python, a bit of C/C++, and otherwise whatever comes my way.

Management consulting

Coaching and mentoring management
Working with the organization, establishing teams and team structures
Establishing best practices for an end-to-end process in an organization, covering from sales through software production, testing, and customer feedback.

Test practices

I have been working with test teams to improve and change test practices, and in particular in how to automate as much as possible of the testing.
I am advocating that developers embrace in principle a “test-first” (TDD) approach, but stay pragmatic about it. Also that a shift-left practice is often the best, but that doesn’t mean you should not do integration tests. You need both! It is all about the proper balance.

Architecture, DevOps, Design, and Coding

I am available for work in the areas of architecture, design (patterns and best practices), devops, coding, and testing
– Application and code assessment
– Coaching and mentoring
– Active participation, in particular in critical phases of a project (Yes, I am a coder!)
– Process, including Scrum and DevOps practices, Git source control, and anything related to Azure DevOps (aka TFS, aka VSTS)

My main focus areas are Microsoft Technologies, and in particular, C# based applications, be it, client, backend, or Azure-hosted.
I am also a keen unit testing enthusiast, and as part of the NUnit team, I have a broad knowledge in these areas.

I can be contacted through mail at terje at hermit.no, or through any of the social media links below.

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Twitter handle is @Osiristerje

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NUnit stuff

NUnit   (In particular NUnit3TestAdapter  , NUnitTestAdapter (for the 2.X versions), and NUnitTestGenerator)

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KDISim tools on github
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