How to resolve cases of Visual Studio “No tests appearing”

The Visual Studio Test Explorer can be a bit picky about showing tests.  There are multiple reasons for why they don’t always show up when you expect them to do, and most of the cases are PEBKAC type of issues.  That doesn’t mean it is easy, there are just becoming too many variations, and Visual Continue Reading →

How to control the selection of test runner in TFS/VSTS, making it work with x86/x64 selected targets

When you do test runs with the Test Explorer in Visual Studio, you can select to use either a x86 or a x64 test runner.  Now, if you select to create an AnyCPU target for that component, it will not matter which one you choose, but if you select a target x86 or x64, the Continue Reading →

How to fix Visual studio loading errors, using IFix

Visual Studio is normally a very stable environment, but some times it might crash on you.  This might happen if you either install some new extension, or even if you update Visual Studio.  The latter can be rather annoying of course. A “common” error message is the loading error, it says it can’t load some Continue Reading →

Visual Studio Build fails with MSB4086 after NuGet Update-packages command

I just got into some strange errors after I had done a NuGet update-packages of some package.  The build of the solution after the update failed with a strange error on some numeric comparison which could not be done: This one followed by an error list like this: Restarting Visual Studio makes it go away, Continue Reading →