Making Static Code Analysis and Code Contracts work together, or the CA1062 problem

UPDATED: Feb 16th 2012:  Workaround #1 and #2 only works when run-time checking is not enabled. Added workaround #2B which seems to work.  Thanks to David S, Michael S and ZbynekZ for pointing this out, and sorry for not responding faster to this. Also added comments and overviews over what happens for different settings.   Continue Reading →

Tools for Metrics analysis – Visual Studio and NDepend / CppDepend – part 1

Introduction Recently I have been involved in some projects to improve the software quality of their code base.  These code bases have been rather large, and in some cases consisting of both managed code, C# and C++, and Native code in C++. The reasons for improving the code base comes from a realization of the Continue Reading →