Debugging the NUnit3TestAdapter

A test adapter sits between a TestHost and the test framework. If you use Visual Studio or dotnet, both starts up a TestHost as a seperate process. The testhost is responsible for locating the adapters, and then invoke them to run the test frameworks on the test code. Debugging the adapters is hard, because it sits between these processes, of which you have no control. Continue Reading →

Moving to SDK-Style projects and package references in Visual Studio, part 1

Background With the introduction of .NET core some time back, Visual Studio got two different project systems. Along with this, we also got two different formats for a ‘csproj’ file. The new format have a better way of including packages, called PackageReference. This also made its way into the old style format, and greatly simplifies Continue Reading →

How to find the best gitignore for Visual Studio and Azure DevOps

This post came about as a result of a an interesting question raised by my good friend Richard Hundhausen in Accentient. It turned out into some very interesting observations, and a few ways of handling this. Background When you’re starting up a new git repository for a Visual Studio project, you need a .gitignore file Continue Reading →

Visual Studio and VSTS Git: Extend the git command line to speed up your workflow–Part 1

The most basic Git commands are built into the Visual Studio Team Explorer.   The Team Explorer will cover your basic needs, but once you get beyond that, you will need to drop down to the command line.    The commands are more explicit there, and you have more options, but you will soon tire of having Continue Reading →

VSIX based Test Adapters to be deprecated in Visual Studio for C# and Visual Basic to speed up testing

Test Adapters come in two flavors, VSIX based and Nuget based. The VSIX based are installed as extensions to Visual Studio and therefore will apply to all solutions you load, The Nuget based adapter packages must be installed at least into one project in your solution and will only work for that solution. All versions Continue Reading →

A series of short recipes for VSTS, VISUAL STUDIO and NUnit

I have had a need to have more easy access to information on how to do certain stuff, and have some easy access to simple code blocks, or templates, I can copy/paste.  A blog post is for me somewhat more extensive, and that format was not really suited for smaller notes.  So I decided to Continue Reading →

Recommended extensions for Visual Studio 2017

It is time to reestablish my list of recommended VSIX extensions to Visual Studio, for 2017 and higher.   The list of tools you install now with VSIX is less than before, since so many more tools are available as nuget packages, but there are still some that are very helpful.  The list below show some Continue Reading →