New version of the NUnit 2 adapter supporting Visual Studio 2019

The NUnit 2.X framework have been superseded by the NUnit 3 framework several years ago. Each framework “family” needs a separate adapter, one for the V2 and one for the V3. The V3 have been maintained continuously, and have 3-4 releases per year. The V2 adapter however, has not been updated since mid 2017. The Continue Reading →

Moving to SDK-Style projects and package references in Visual Studio, part 1

Background With the introduction of .NET core some time back, Visual Studio got two different project systems. Along with this, we also got two different formats for a ‘csproj’ file. The new format have a better way of including packages, called PackageReference. This also made its way into the old style format, and greatly simplifies Continue Reading →

Build Explorer version 1.1 for Visual Studio Team Explorer is released

Our free extension to Visual Studio , the folder based Build Explorer Version 1.1 has now been released, and uploaded to the Visual Studio Gallery and Codeplex. We have collected up a few changes and some bugs, as follows: Changes: Queue Default Builds can now be optionally fully enabled, fully disabled or enabled just for Continue Reading →

Fixing the default checkin action, make Associate the default instead of Resolve

When checking in code with workitems, one should connect them with workitems.  In some cases you need to check in multiple times before the item is resolved.  If you are too quick there, the checkin action causes the workitem to go to the Resolved state as this is the default state, if you don’t manually Continue Reading →