A story on working with NUnit backward compatibility, and dependencies

NUnit as a project has a tradition of keeping backwards compatibility. It ensures that even if you stay on a earlier version of Visual Studio, .net FrameWork, or whatever it is, NUnit should continue to work even with upgrades of NUnit. So also for the NUnitAdapter. It should work on any version of Visual Studio Continue Reading →

Recommended extensions for Visual Studio 2017

It is time to reestablish my list of recommended VSIX extensions to Visual Studio, for 2017 and higher.   The list of tools you install now with VSIX is less than before, since so many more tools are available as nuget packages, but there are still some that are very helpful.  The list below show some Continue Reading →

Fix for the ‘Could not find test executor’ issue with NUnit, XUnit and Chutzpah when using ReSharper in Visual Studio

This issue is resolved in the latest ReSharper release, version, download here.  The issue appears when using the Test Explorer to run tests in any of the frameworks mentioned in the title.  The tests are shown in the Test Explorer, but are not executed.  It may look like this: Note:  The tests shown dimmed Continue Reading →

Visual Studio & TFS 2013 – List of extensions and tools (Part 2)

Go to Part 1 – List of Product Updates for information on Visual Studio and TFS 2013 updates Looking for the VS 2012 product updates and extensions ?  Go to Visual Studio 2012 Product and updates (Part 1)  and Visual Studio 2012 extensions (Part 2) Looking for the VS 2010 extensions ? Go to Visual Studio 2010 – List of Continue Reading →

Unit testing resources and articles for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013

The last year I have written three blog posts for the Microsoft MSDN ALM blog on unit testing. The posts focused on the new test explorer with its abilities to run tests in multiple frameworks, and utilizing traits to filter what to run, both in Visual Studio and on TFS Build.  I covered the adapters Continue Reading →

Tools for Metrics analysis – Visual Studio and NDepend / CppDepend – part 1

Introduction Recently I have been involved in some projects to improve the software quality of their code base.  These code bases have been rather large, and in some cases consisting of both managed code, C# and C++, and Native code in C++. The reasons for improving the code base comes from a realization of the Continue Reading →