The TypeSafe Boundary

I’ve been writing code for some decades now. Over that time there is one thing I have learned through projects that have failed, projects that have been successes, legacy projects, greenfield projects, projects with dedicated experienced teams, projects with fresh new developers, distributed projects, closed source and open source, and all other kinds, being a consultant working with a multitude of companies and open source enthusiast, and that is – strongly typed code prevails.

The concept I am describing below is something I have been using for well over 20 years now, but never got around writing about. So, here it is! Continue Reading →

Debugging the NUnit3TestAdapter

A test adapter sits between a TestHost and the test framework. If you use Visual Studio or dotnet, both starts up a TestHost as a seperate process. The testhost is responsible for locating the adapters, and then invoke them to run the test frameworks on the test code. Debugging the adapters is hard, because it sits between these processes, of which you have no control. Continue Reading →

New version of the NUnit 2 adapter supporting Visual Studio 2019

The NUnit 2.X framework have been superseded by the NUnit 3 framework several years ago. Each framework “family” needs a separate adapter, one for the V2 and one for the V3. The V3 have been maintained continuously, and have 3-4 releases per year. The V2 adapter however, has not been updated since mid 2017. The Continue Reading →