How to get NUnit3TestAdapter pre-release packages

We publish pre-release packages for every pull request merge to the master branch in the NUnit3TestAdapter project.    They are published to our NUnit MyGet feed,


Instructions for getting it for the different package tools, and also to see which is the latest version, go here: 

For NuGet (package.config)

Install-Package NUnit3TestAdapter -Version 3.10.0-dev-00702 -Source

For Nuget (PackageReference in csproj)

<PackageReference Include="NUnit3TestAdapter" Version="3.10.0-dev-00702" />

Tip 1:  The PackageReference version require you to have the feed URL in the nuget.config file.

     <add key="" value="" />
     <add key="" value="" />

Tip 2:  You can also get the NUnit proper pre-release packages from the same feed.