Using the Static Code Analysis feature of Visual Studio (Premium/Ultimate) to find memory leakage problems

Memory for managed code is handled by the garbage collector, but if you use any kind of unmanaged code, like native resources of any kind, open files, streams and window handles, your application may leak memory if these are not properly handled.  To handle such resources the classes that own these in your application should Continue Reading →

New version of the Inmeta Build Folder Extension

The 1.0.1 version of the Build Folder Extension is now out and can be downloaded from the Visual Studio Code Gallery  at  Source code, discussions and issue tracking can be found at the codeplex site at  Context menu The context menu has been extended with the following commands, shown below: Queue New Build… Continue Reading →

Visual Studio–Build Folders extension for Team Explorer

We have just released a free extension for Visual Studio which adds a Builds Explorer with folders to the Team Explorer.  The extension can be downloaded from Visual Studio Gallery or just search for Inmeta in Tools/Extension Manager. The documentation and issue tracking  can be found at the codeplex site for the project and Continue Reading →

Visual Studio & TFS 2010 – List of extensions and upgrades

This post is about VS 2010, go here for the VS/TFS 11 extensions. UPDATED Apr 9th 2012: VersionInfo, NuGet, Code Contracts  UPDATED Oct 7th 2012:  New Visual Studio GDR UPDATED Aug 31th 2012: New versions updated of ReSharper, NDepend, Web Essentials, Community Build Manager,  Code Contracts (March 2012), NuGet, ILSpy, DotPeek, Just Decompile, tangible T4 Continue Reading →