Visual Studio & TFS 2013 – List of extensions and tools (Part 2)

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Update Sep 19th 2014:  Updated ReSharper3 , NDepend3 ,  LinqPadTFS Team Project Manager,    Code Contracts1

See earlier update notes

This post is a list of the extensions I recommend for use with Visual Studio 2013. It’s coming up all the time – what to install, where are the download sites, last version, etc etc, and thus I thought it better to post it here and keep it updated. The basics are Visual Studio 2013 connected to a Team Foundation Server 2013, although most also works with earlier versions. 

Many live in a side-by-side environment with Visual Studio 2010 and 2012. The side-by-side is supported by VS 2013. However, if you installed a component supporting VS2013 before you installed VS2013, then you need to reinstall it. (Components marked with Note 3 below) The VSIX installer will understand that it is to apply those only for VS2013, and will not touch – nor remove – the same for VS2010 and VS 2012. A good example here is the Power Commands.

The list is more or less in priority order.

The focus is to get a setup which can be used for a complete coding experience for the whole ALM process.

The list of course reflects what I use for my work , so it is by no means complete, and for some of the tools there are equally useful alternatives. 

The components directly associated with Visual Studio from Microsoft should be common, see the Microsoft column.

For components that are updated through the gallery, I will no longer update the latest version numbers, as they are easily controlled through the Tools/Extensions and Updates dialogue. In the version column I will just write Auto.

If you want to use the same set of extensions on multiple computers, you might like to share them easily. Lars Wilhelmsen has a great blog post about how to use Dropbox to share extensions and common settings.

Extensions ready for VS 2013, both upgrades and new ones

Product Notes Latest Version License Applicable to Microsoft
File Nesting Awesome and convenient Auto Free Visual Studio MSFT
AutoHistory Awesome, local history Auto Free Visual Studio MS Devlabs
EF Power Tools Beta 41 See blog post Auto Free Visual Studio Yes
MyHistory1 See MSDN Article Auto Free TFS Integration No
Inmeta AssociateRecentWorkItems1 Fast way to associate recent work items to a checkin, reduce need to search around.  See Jakobs blogpost for more info Auto Free TFS Integration No

Unit Test Generator1

Get back the ability to generate unit tests from code, also works for NUnit and XUnit. Auto Free Unit Testing (VS) ALM Rangers
Codelens Code Health Indicator  12 Awesome !  See this post (Norwegian), and this and this. Auto Free Coding & Quality Yes
Runsettings1 Item template to create default runsettings file Auto Free Unit Testing (VS & TFS) No
TypeScript See info here, and B.Harry’s blogpost. Codeplex here 
Release notes 
Now part of VS 2013, installs with that  
1.0 Free Coding Yes
ReSharper3 Note:Version and earlier have an issue with Nuget/NUnit/Chutzpah, see here.  Download version 8.2 to get this resolved. 
Version 8.2.1 have an issue with nuget, see this post  
8.2.2000.5120 Licensed Coding & Quality No
NuGet Manager   3 New initial install included with VS 2013. Updates through extension gallery Auto Free Visual Studio Yes
TFS Power Tools 
See Brian Harry’s blog post for more info 

12.1.00402.0 Free TFS integration Yes
NDepend3 Info on updates here. Trial available.

Licensed Quality No
Build Manager1 Community Build Manager. Info here from Jakob Auto Free TFS Integration No
Visual Studio 2013 SDK Required for using Wix Published 11.Oct.2013 Free Visual Studio Yes
Wix Toolset 3.8 Free Coding/Installers No
Productivity Power Tools1 Awesome package. A must have! Auto Free Visual Studio Yes
Code Contracts3 Now on gallery too. Info here and follow the forum here 
See new blog here
1.7.10908.11 Free Coding Yes
Code Contract Editor Extensions1   1.5.60813.10 Free Coding Yes
Visualization and Modeling SDK Requires VS 2013 SDK  Nov 10th 2013 Free now, otherwise Part of MSDN Subscription Modeling, DSL, UML extensions Yes
Slow Cheetah1 3 Tool for transforming XML files, like config files. Auto Free Coding No
Web Essentials1 Auto Free Coding Yes
Devart T4 editor Nice T4 editor, using this now instead of tangible. Auto Free Coding (T4 templates) No
tangible T4 editor1 Lite version is free and more than enough for T4 editing. 2.2.3 Lite version Free (Good enough) Coding (T4 templates) No
ASP.Net and Web Tools 2013 Free Coding Yes

#1 Get via Visual Studio’s Tools | Extension Manager (or The Code Gallery). (From Adam : All these are auto updated by the Extension Manager in Visual Studio)

#2 Works with ultimate only

#3 Also works with VS 2010 and VS 2012


Tools (outside Visual Studio)

Product Notes Latest Version License Applicable to Microsoft
ILSpy Decompiler –open source. Can also export assembly as C# project Free Coding/Investigation No
DotPeek Decompiler from Jetbrains. Can also export as C# project Free Coding/Investigation No
LinqPad Info here 4.51.03 Free and licensed versions Coding No
TFS Team Project Manager Extremely valuable. Handle maintenance of work items, process, and much more across multiple team projects at once.  No more batch files with witadmin! See it at Codeplex  1.7.5119 Free TFS No
TFS Administration Tool Handling security and permissions in TFS, Sharepoint and reporting services. Open source tool at Codeplex 
Version 2.3 is fully 2013 compatible. If you don’t have VS installed, download and install the TFS 2013 Object model 
Version 2.2 works on 2013 but requires the 2012 Object model to be installed.
2.3 Free TFS No


Extensions we wait for, not yet in a VS 2013 version

Product Notes Latest Version License Applicable to Microsoft
Inmeta Build Explorer     Free TFS integration No

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