What it does:

Fixing, and creating, latest gitignore Cmd: Ifix gitgirnore

Fixing the mefcache (VS loading errors) Cmd: Ifix mefcache

Fixing the vs test cache issue, see Crash Fixing Cmd: Ifix vstestcache

Managing user dumps Cmd: Ifix diagnostics

Create Skeleton Solution file Ifix createsln

Nuget consolidate by command line Cmd: Ifix nugetconsolidate

Fixing nuget restore error

Get a list of available commands by just calling IFix with no parameters

More instructions for use


Alt.1: Download from Visual Studio Marketplace

Alt.2: Install using scoop (add this bucket) Coming

Alt.3: Download from github releases

Alt.4 Build it yourself from the source code

Got an issue ?

Please report the issue

For building:


Wix 3.8

.Net 4.5.1

To build use Visual Studio 2017 Update 15.8

Latest build [Build Status]