MSDN Live 2010 – Delivered : 24 sessions (4 x 6) on Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2010

We (Mikael Nitell and me) got a whole track on the Norwegian MSDN Live tour this year.  We did these as a pair, and covered 4 cities over 4 days, 6 sessions per day, taking 8 hours to come through it.  The Islandic volcano made the travels a bit rough, but we managed 6 flights out of 8. The first one had to go by van instead, 7-8 hour drive each way together with other MSDN Live presenters – a memorable tour!

Oslo was the absolute top point.  We had to change hall to a bigger one. People were crowding, and even the big hall was packed! 

The presentations were mostly based on demos, but we had a few slides as well.  They have been uploaded to my SkyDrive.  Info to aliens – some of the text may be Norwegian.

The sessions were as follows – click links to go to the actual presentation on the skydrive.

Overview of news in Visual Studio and Team Foundation server 2010
Ensuring Quality with VS/TFS 2010
Releasing products with VS/TFS 2010
No More No Repro with VS/TFS 2010
Performance Testing and Parallel Programming with VS/TFS 2010
Migrating to VS/TFS 2010
Tips, tricks, news and some best practices with VS/TFS 2010


In the coming days, I will post up examples from the demos too, with explanations of how they are intended to work. These entries will also contain stuff we had to remove from the actual presentations due to the time constraints.

We managed to create recordings of two of the sessions, which will be uploaded to Channel 9 by Microsoft, afaik.   I will update this blog with information about exact locations when that is done.

Also note we’re (read:Osiris Data AS) running both Upgrade and Deep Dive courses  on VS/TFS 2010 now in May.  Please look here for more info.

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