Osiris becomes Inmeta

This summer Inmeta ASA, a leading Norwegian IT company, bought Osiris Data.  It means we’re now more than 150 consultants, up from 30 as we were.  It means a lot for us, as we now can take on larger projects, more projects and with even more colleagues we will have better competency on more areas.  It is also very exciting to be in a larger company, be “exposed” to more projects and more opportunities.

Osiris Data was founded late autumn 1996, and started operation in January 1997, with 3 people. The idea was to be a different kind of consultant company, taking on projects for customers in-house. This allowed us to build up a strong team inside the company, with common goals and mindset.  We got the first contract and the first customer after 3 weeks. At the end of the first year we were 6 people, but still only one customer.  ALl the coding was done in C++.  The company grew slowly, both in employees and in customers, always focusing on the Microsoft Windows platform. From 2005 the company was running stable with between 25 and 35 people, and 99% of the code was C#, but projects were being done on a multitude of Microsoft technologies, from standard Windows Forms applications, to web applications, ASP.Net MVC, Sharepoint, and Biztalk applications, and many based on large SQL server databases.  

We have always focused on maintaining a very agile process, but still a deterministic process, a Software Factory approach.  When the TFS server appeared on the scene we embraced it directly and put company resources on to make it into the production line we’ve always wanted to have.  Today this is working very smoothly, and makes Osiris not only to a reliable software manufacturing company, but also to an expert company on the TFS platform.

All this will continue to be in focus when we have become Inmeta, and we can hopefully expand on this, embracing the technology of the others in Inmeta, and mixing-in with our technology, to create a exciting and successful software development company for the years to come.

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