Osiris Data has upgraded TFS 2010 from beta to RC in production

We have just upgraded our TFS production system to the RC from Beta 2.  Upgrading and Migration were done in 1.5 hour.  More than 75 team projects upgraded.  Our 30 internal developers and some more external will wake up to a new world tomorrow morning :-).

Martin Hinshelwood managed to beat us with some hours http://blog.hinshelwood.com/archive/2010/02/10/upgrading-from-tfs-2010-beta-2-to-tfs-2010-rc.aspx but we must still be one of the very first companies to move over! 

We have a two-tier solution, on raw iron, no hyper-v here, so we :

  1. Backed up the sql server databases
  2. Uninstalled application tier with all components
  3. Installed RC according to procedure
  4. Configured the RC, using the wizard
  5. Up and run

Tested the thing using our internal projects with components for the TFS Server, including our own checkin policies, build components, and miscellaneous event handler components.  All worked very smoothly.

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