Team System 2010 seminar – New features – and a storytelling approach

We have run 10 seminars with myself, Mikael Nitell and Jakob Ehn on TFS 2008 during the last two years. These seminars were made from the point of our company’s experience with the TFS system.  We debated different aspects of it, and showed people how we had chosen to solve the different issues that arose.  These seminars took in the range of 4 hours, and we’ve had around 700 people all in all participating in these seminars, with very favorable feedback. 

Now in June, June 10th, we, myself and Mikael,  ran a new seminar on new features in TFS 2010. For this seminar we chose a different approach from the earlier series.  The earlier series consisted of quite a lot of power points, a nice series of demos, and a lot of talking.  We kept the talking, but reduced the powerpoints to near nil, and increased the demos to cover mostly the whole seminar.  To get this floating, we chose a kind of storytelling approach.  We made up a development story, started from scratch with requirements, and worked through modeling, coding, static code analysis, bugs, testing – in fact we managed to cover a lot of the new “Camano”/Test Edition, and we even managed to show the connections between test and specifications.  The approach neatly showed how good the new edition of Team System is to cover much more of the lifecycle of an application. 

The feedback from the seminar was very good, which proved to us that the storytelling approach did work.  So, if you weren’t there, Microsoft Norway wanted to run this again, so you have a new chance the 15th of September, see the invitation here.

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