Visual Studio 2015 and NUnit, with a little NuGet issue


The current version 1.2 of the NuGet adapters for NUnit works with the VS 2015 Preview (and earlier CTPs). 

You can find them here:  and with framework:

Add one of these to your solution and it works without having the VSIX installed, both for VS2015 and for TFS build, including VSO build.  Note that you only need to add one of these to one of your projects in the solution. 

The use of these NuGet based adapters is preferred since they don’t require any developer to install anything on his own machine, and also make it easier to run on TFS build.

I prefer to install them by opening the NuGet console, and choosing a relevant project, just one of the test projects, it doesn’t matter which one.


Choosing (1), the console, takes you into the screen below:


NOTE:  If you do get the yellow line warning, and you don’t have it in the cache, you must use option 2 below.  This is a bug somewhere in the console, since this work from the Manager shown below.  There are different workarounds on the net, but none seems to work consistently.

In my case it worked because I had it in my local cache.


Choosing (2), the manager, takes you into the new NuGet dialog below:


And then writing some tests and verifying it works in Visual Studio  2015


using NUnit parameterized tests – isn’t that cool !


The VSIX must be enabled for 2015, and we will update it pretty soon – but you can grab a debug preview at

(This VSIX will be updated when a newer production version appears.)

There is also  no real code changes here, so it should work fine, but we have not run it through all the testing yet.  If you find anything, please report it at .  That really helps us.

Note that the same VSIX also works with all previous Visual Studio versions, after VS 2012.


These adapters works with the standard .Net 4.5 projects, but they will NOT work with the new ASP.Net 5 projects, they require a K-runner, and we have not finished that yet.   I will update this post when it is ready.

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