Visual Studio and TFS 2012 List of Product Updates (Part 1)

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Looking for the VS 2010 extensions ? Go to Visual Studio 2010 – List of Product Updates (Part 1) + Extensions (Part 2).

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UPDATE  Nov 26th 2013:   Visual Studio 2012 Update 4

This information was formerly contained within my blog post on  List of extensions (Part 2), but it seems better to keep this separate now, since the cadence has increased tremendously for VS 2012, and the list grows very fast.

The information contains the download links to all versions and updates, links to information about each version, the version number for each and the release dates. I have also added prerequisites, like the SQL server version necessary.


Product Notes Version number Date Applicable to
Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 Some info here 11.0.61030.0 Nov 11th 2013 VS
Visual Studio 2012 & TFS 2012  


Aug 15th 2012 Visual Studio and TFS
SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 Cumulative Update 4
The TFS 2012 requires the CU1 at least, but you should go up to at least CU4, since this update solves a ghost record problem that otherwise may cause your TFS database to not release records the way it should when you clean it up, see this post for more information on that issue.   Oct 2011 SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1


Unsure which version and update you have  ?

Visual Studio:

Go to the top menu, choose Help | About


Note that both the name of the update and the corresponding version number is given.

Go to the top menu, select Tools | Extensions and Updates. Under the Updates | Product Updates section you will see if there is a new update ready for you:


(Image from VS 2013 preview, but it is the same in VS 2012)

To the far right you see the version number you have, and what version to update to.  Since the updates are cumulative, you don’t need to worry about those in between.


Team Foundation Server (on premise):

Use the web access for the TFS. Go to the Help Icon to the far right, and choose “About” from the menu:


In this case I have a TFS 2013 preview server.

Team Foundation Service:

If you are connected to the  Team Foundation Service you will not find any version number.  It is also always updated to the latest version.  You could check the service status page to see if all is working, and to see what has been done at the updates and release notes listed here.



Thanks to Adam Cogan for valuable help in structuring these posts

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