Visual Studio Build fails with MSB4086 after NuGet Update-packages command

I just got into some strange errors after I had done a NuGet update-packages of some package.  The build of the solution after the update failed with a strange error on some numeric comparison which could not be done:


This one followed by an error list like this:


Restarting Visual Studio makes it go away, but it is still a nuisance.

Since this happened after a NuGet operation I found it useful to mention this to Xavier Decoster , the author of the Pro NuGet book, and also one of the founders of the superb MyGet service, and he asked if I might be using ReSharper.  Which I of course could confirm, who doesn’t ?

It turns of the issue is caused by ReSharper, and was just recently fixed in an update 8.2.2 (I had 8.2.1). 


So go upgrade your ReSharper to 8.2.2, before you do any Nuget Update-packages commands Smile

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