Visual Studio Testing Tools–Two new hotfixes released

Update: These have been superseded and included in later Cumulative Updates. See for checking what you got and updates, or download the tool. Also see info about the updates and extensions here.

During the summer Microsoft has released two important hotfixes for the Testing tools. These two hotfixes solves 7 serious problems:

# Issue solved Fix in :
1.1 Appdomain error when running a test agent on a computer with Visual Studio installed 1)
1.2 Exception with search error may happen on playback of a coded UI test on some WPF controls 1)
1.3 OutOfMemory exception may occur when creating a work item from the Test Result pane.  More frequent when TFS server has many builds. 1)
1.4 Publishing of test results and builds stop responding for tests run in a build, due to a MSTest crash. 1)
2.1 Test runner says “waiting for application under test” due to a crash when running a Manual test and you create a bug or run a test. 2)
2.2 Unit tests fail to start after editing of testsettings when using batch files. 2)
2.3 StackOverflowException occurs in Test Manager 2)

Note 1:  KB2544407

Note 2:  KB2443428

More detailed information on these problems can be found in the detailed description for each KB,  KB2544407 details here and  KB2443428 details here.

There are two blog entries explaining more for each of them :  KB2544407 blog here and KB2443428 blog here

They can be downloaded from :  KB2544407 download here  and KB2443428 download here

These two hotfixes are not accumulative, so you have to download and install both of them.  The sequence does not matter, they are well behaved !

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